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The greatest challenge in technical support is matching the level of the customer. Some folks see windows, menus, and icons while others see their own little world with their own little names. For one fellow, the system still had lines of text. Line one was the menu bar, line two the window's title, line three the toolbar, and so forth. That was a very interesting night, and oh, it did last into the darkness of the night, that one.

It's hard enough to have to change your dialect of stupid for every person that calls in, but it's even harder to talk to someone about a PowerBook when you've never seen one for more than five minutes, and even that was in a small lab across two walls, a field of cubes, a moat of break rooms and vending machines, and past the Gauntlet Run of Managers, asking why you're mobile. Oh, I know why they put them there. They're expensive and easy to steal. It was just quite annoying when you're talking to someone who can only type numbers and you are unaware that they possess the only Mac that actually has a working number lock key (that, too, was a fun night). […]

I'm going to be without my computer for a week?! It's a business critical machine! I can't be without it!

It's a business critical machine, this portable. So that's why you don't have a backup of your data or a spare machine to use in the mean time. It, and all that's on it, is just that important to you. You can't run your business without it, and you have no way of replacing it should something happen to it, even temporarily. I understand. Go to hell.


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